“Corrupted or Damaged USB and External Hard Drive”

How’s your USB or External Hard Drive been doing? Corrupted or Damaged? Is it still working fine?

Corrupted or Damaged USB and External hard Drive
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“If it is working fine, this post might not for you. But you might also consider giving a time to watch the tutorial as this might be useful to you if you encounter a corrupted or damaged USB and External hard Drive soon.”

“Things won’t last –  you need a backup knowledge to save or recover by your self and save some cash from computer shops to have it fix for you. Believe it, you can do it.”

Now Going Back to Topic –

Is it giving you hard time to recover or get your data/files back?

Are you also afraid to bring it to computer shop for them to do the fix for you and they might copy all your data once they’ve recover your precious and private files?

“To mention, most and specially celebrities, how are those sex video scandals have been published publicly without the consent of the owners? hmmm.. now you think, your private videos are privately viewed by you and your partner only (supposed), but how come it went viral online? Do you even think of the technician or his co-technician who performed the repair of your corrupted/damaged storage device did it? Yeah, it’s real technical world. They can clone your private files without you noticing the wrong doing and they might also publish online”

Do you value your important files that are being trapped? Or you might not even care anymore and consider of reformatting it instead to fixing it?

Regardless of your reason of keeping those files, it’s important to you.

Admit it, in the first place you won’t back them up if isn’t important to you. Yeah?

So here’s a Good News for you folks –

[Youtube] muhammadlilg has created a tutorial on how to recover your data from a corrupted or damaged USB and External Hard Drive. This also applies to SD Card device like what he have said on his tutorial.

Give it sometime to watch his steps and tools he used for his recovery method.