Graham Cake Recipe



  • Crush Graham’s (optional, you can just crush some crackers in a plastic bag)
  • 2 cans condensed milk
  • 4 packs all purpose cream
  • 1 can pineapple tidbits (you can try whatever flavor or toppings you want, e.g. oreo cookies, nuts, mangoes)



Prepare the cream. Ratio for this  is, 2:1.  2 all purpose cream pack is to 1 can of condensed milk.  Some make it 1:1 but I find it too sweet for my liking.  2:1 is fine.

  1. Pour the condensed milk into the bowl.
  2. Next, all purpose cream.
  3. Mixed them thoroughly.

Tip: Put them in the fridge (freezer) to make the cream thicker.  I’ve tried others’ version of this cake before and more of them, the crackers are stuck together, the cream is at the bottom, and there’s no layers at all.  This solves the problem.


  1. Layer the crackers at the bottom as base.  Some like the cream as their base but I prefer the biscuits instead.  Here you can use crushed grahams to fill in the gaps to keep the layer intact.  You can also crush the crackers yourself.
  2. Pour the cream and make sure the crackers are fully covered.  Then put another layer of crackers.  Do this until you reach the number of layers you want.  Normally, I do three (3).
  3. Put your toppings.  You can also put them in between layers.  I did that before using oreo cookies and it tasted like cookies’ and cream cake!  I’ll do that again soon.
  4. Put your cake in the freezer, then you’re done!
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