Carolina Lake A Hidden Treasure of Davao Oriental

Davao Oriental province is famous for White sand beaches, waterfalls, and the untainted culture and traditions of the Mandaya tribe. It’s an independent province and majority of the industries are from agriculture, fishing and Tourism.

In the east coast part of Davao Oriental facing the Pacific Ocean lays a small town called Baganga. Aside from the famous beaches, it has been known for other bodies of water such as the vast rivers, flowing lagoons and a famous lake which are known to the locals as Carolina Lake.

Carolina Lake A Hidden Treasure of Davao Oriental

The Carolina Lake is not actually a lake. It is more of a tidal creek or lagoon where a portion of a stream is affected by ebb and flow of ocean tides. Thus, the cool waters of Carolina are brackish and fishes that plentifully thrive there are those that live in marine waters.

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Carolina Lake A Hidden Treasure of Davao Oriental

Carolina Lake A Hidden Treasure of Davao Oriental
Carolina Lake A Hidden Treasure of Davao Oriental – © howtodothingseasy

An article from traveler teller, describes the lake as  follows, “The green and clean colors of the waters superbly complimented with verdant hues of green life that surrounds it. At times, the water sparkles once touched by the rays of the sun peeping from the century old trees covering it. Looking at it from afar, it looks like a perfect painting creating an appealing setting of untouched nature. “

The lake has been comparable to the famous Enchanted River in Surigao del Sur and has slowly gained a reputation as one of the Must visit location.



From Davao City, one may take either public utility buses or L300 vans to reach the Municipality of Baganga. Public utility buses coming from Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCOTT) in Ecoland travel to the town daily. Once you arrive at Baganga’s Poblacion, you may hire a motorcycle or habal-habal to bring you to Carolina Lake.

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