Restored Ilagan Japanese War Tunnel


Local studies shows, the Japanese military forces in the area used the tunnel during World War II. The tunnel is 40 meters long, 12 feet high and 12 feet wide.

Upon entering the tunnel, it feels like you are traveling back in time during World War II. Visitors can see inside the tunnel an image of controversial imperial Japanese army sergeant Mutsihiro Watanabe who was said to be cruel toward his prisoners during the Japanese period. A replica of a Golden Buddha from the alleged Yamashita’s treasure can also be found inside. Other items on this place include Artilleries and Remnants during war and there are also prison guards wearing imperial Japanese army uniform. Outside the tunnel, visitors can also see a replica of a Japanese war plane used during the war.

From local source, the tunnel was discovered years back by students who used to play hide and seek.

Ilagan City Mayor Jose Marie L. Diaz says, “The city government spent more than one and half year to complete the tunnel’s restoration.

Project contractor says, “Restoring the tunnel was not an easy task but he is proud of his project because it gives inspiration to the youth not only in city but also to those near villages and provinces.

Local residence are happy with the new tourist spot in their area. Because the village of Santo Tomas has been largely known for its public cemetery and dump sites but now it attracts more visitor’s to view the tunnel’s beauty during day and night.

A minimal amount of Php 30.00 will be collected as entrance fee to be used for the maintenance of the premises of the tunnel.