LTO to officially implement 5-year license validity in October


LTO to officially implement 5-year license validity in October

Starting this October, new driver’s and conductor’s license will be valid for 5 years as per Administrative Order no. 2016-034 of the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

Existing licenses will keep their current expiration date but will have the new license validity once renewed. The requirements will still be the same as before however, there will be an increase to the license fee for both new and renewal application.

The new license fee will be P585, which is P235 higher than the previous rate. This means that the total fee (including application fee and computer fee) for new licenses will be P820.26, while renewal will cost P652.63. Of note, these figures are exclusive of penalties and cost of medical examination.

On the other hand, to solve the problem with out-of-stock license cards, there will be a new rule on top of the mentioned changes. In case replacement license cards are unavailable upon renewal, the old card can still be used – provided that the Official Receipt of renewal is in possession of the owner. This means that the expired one will remain valid until the issuance of a new card.

You can view a copy of the signed Administrative Order on this link.