Bicol region is known to Beach folks for Caramoan,  Camarines Sur and the Famous Calaguas. Little do we know that in the southernmost part tip of this Region in Luzon, there is a prime eco tourist destination with pristine white and pink beaches, unexplored caves, springs and waterfalls.

Welcome to Sorsogon!

Sorsogon is at the tip of the Bicol Peninsula and faces the island of Samar to the southeast across the San Bernardino Strait and Ticao Island to the southwest. Sorsogueños is how the people of Sorsogon call themselves.  They said, Sorsogon contains a wealth of relatively unknown destinations waiting to be discovered.

If you plan to escape the Metro and experience Nature without traversing an Island, then you can try Sorsogon.

Here are some of the things you may try:

  1. Swim with the Whale Sharks – In the village of Donsol, one can experience a once in a lifetime adventure of swimming with the biggest fish in the world. Butanding, also kown as the gentle giant or the whale fish. The waters of Donsol are your best bet to spot these gigantic blue-grey spotted creatures.
    Donsol, according to Donsol eco tour is probably the one of the few places in the world that can offer an almost assured whale shark sigthings during their season.
    In the months of November through June whale sharks converge in the Donsol bay and stay for 6 to 7 months feeding on the rich nutrients coming out of the mouth of the Donsol river. With simple snorkelling equipment, you will be awestricken by the grandeur of these animals.

    The Unspoiled Wonders of Sorsogon
    Swim with the Whale Sharks ©
  2. Island hopping in Matnog – Around 3 hours from Donsol you can try Island hopping and visit the breathtaking white and pink sand beaches in Matnog Sorsogon. It is where the “pink island,” Subic Beach, can be found, which was named such because of its pinkish white sand. A Matnog island hopping trip usually includes a visit to Juag Island Fish Sanctuary, Subic Beach (liit or laki or both) and Tikling Island, which costs Php 1,500 for day tour visitors and Php 2,000 for overnight guests.
    The Unspoiled Wonders of Sorsogon
    Matnog, Sorsogon © Claire Raborar
    The Unspoiled Wonders of Sorsogon
    The Unspoiled Wonders of Sorsogon ©
    The Unspoiled Wonders of Sorsogon
    Matnog, Sorsogon © Claire Raborar
  3. Cool Escape to Bulusan Lake – this is an elevated lake which is part of the Bulusan Volcano National Park. Sited just at the foot of Towering Mount Bulusan.
    Bulusan Lake is surrounded by a lush of tropical forest. It’s deep green and aquamarine water adds tranquility to one’s soul. A few steps down from the entrance are boats, kayaks and canoes that guests can rent to tour the 27-hectare lake. The protected rainforest appears to be very much in a pristine state with several species of trees and endemic plants including rare and endangered species of vines and orchids.

    The Unspoiled Wonders of Sorsogon
    Bulusan Lake Footway ©
  4. Explore the island of Pagugiran – The white-sand Paguriran Beach on the mainland is a destination in itself but even more fascinating is a lagoon lying not too far from shore. Surrounded by huge coral rocks the lagoon is transformed into a giant natural aquarium during low tide. Sea turtles have been known to make this a nesting place in the past until it was frequented by people. Not too far from Paguriran is Pagol Beach which features huge and fascinating rock formations in shallow water.
    The Unspoiled Wonders of Sorsogon
    Explore the Island of Pagugiran © thepinaysolobackpacker



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