Day in the Life of an Average Filipino – Part 2


 Day in the Life of an Average Filipino as narrated by a redditor named Shady_Boob

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One of my favorite pitstops

I love their fruit juice here. I know they’re probably just sugar and flavoring (if not always the case) but I still love it. I get a big gulp frequently after work to cool down before going home.

The smallest 7/11 I’ve ever seen

I swear this store is so small I could probably take about fifteen steps from the door to the wall at the other end. It could probably fit about six people at a time but the location is nice. It’s beside a call center so it always have customers plus it sells rice. Everybody likes rice.

Going home

Getting back is a more relaxed affair. There’s very little traffic at midnight so I get back home in about an hour. I take the same route back but I have to add a 15-minute walk because I have to detour. The area I pass during the day closes its gates at 9 pm.

My guilty pleasure

It’s about 2:30 in the morn and I’m feeling a little peckish after taking Lupe out for a half an hour walk. Instant noodles have a pretty strange reputation here. It was once billed as the answer to poverty. for about $0.17 you can have a pack of these and if you have some cooked rice, it could feed a couple of people. It’s not healthy but if you’re at the point where it either you eat or you don’t, proper eating is the least of your problems. I just love it for the taste. I try not to over do it and keep my consumption at a reasonable level.

Cleaning up

That, my friend, is called a ‘Walis-tambo’ every Filipino child has experienced getting whacked by one of these at least once. Walis-tambo’ is a soft broom, usually made of the phragmites grass. It is designed for indoor use and it’s very effective. I generally do a sweep before sleeping because I’m not a big fan of dust and dirt. Yes, I have two trashcans. One biodegradable and one for not. Doing my part even for a little bit.

The streetlight directly across my window

That light shines directly at the window but I’ve gotten used to it so I’m not really concerned. I don’t normally have a curtain because it just makes the room hotter in the day so there are some people out there that have seen me buck naked when changing. My bedroom is on the second floor of the house so I’m not flashing people (That would be hilarious though)

Goodnight ya’ll!

It’s now 5:00 am and I’m feeling tired. I normally sleep around that time so that I can wake up at around 11:00 am to get ready for work. I hope you guys enjoyed this and if you guys want more, let me know!
Read Part 1 of this story here: a-day-in-the-life-of-an-average-filipino