We’ve seen different videos which inspire and motivate us to continue striving for the betterment of our lives.

Here is another story that would knock on our hearts and give at least what we can do to help this blind man and for his family.

Dodong Pepe (Nelson M. Pepe) – is a blind man who is a father of 3 children from Brgy. Hindangan Sogod So, Leyte. He is striving so hard each day climbing Coconut Trees just to earn money for his family to survive from hunger.

Mang Dodong and His Family

He was young when he lose his eye-sight, not in accident but it’s some kind of illness he adopted.

He climb not less than 60 Coconut Trees each day and earning only 300.00 pesos for a blind like him and that would be a five (5) pesos each tree if we would sum it up.

He also manage to carry heavy amount of corn or wood behind his back and walking through side walk of the cliff to reach his destination. He was once slipped and fell into cliff’s ground but luckily he didn’t suffer extreme injury and he manage to stand up and find his way going back to their small house.

With the actual interview of RatedK (Local Filipino Show) during Sunday night.

Now, Mang Dodong and his 5-year-old little daughter guides his way going to farm and going back home because she feels so pity seeing his father striving so hard without his eye-sight just to earn money for them to live.

This blind man brings his daughter into school in the morning and fetch in the afternoon after his daily Coconut Tree climbing job. Little girl begs her teacher to teach her for more extra minutes after their class because she always comes late due to long way and rough road along with his blind father accompanying her.

Mang Dodong With His Daughter Guiding His Way

Dodong said in an interview, “My daughter is a blessings to us, she loves to learn but we don’t have much to provide what she needs in school. The money I’ve earn each day is only sufficient for our daily living, for food.. She always said, once we get old along, she would take care of us that’s why she really want’s to finish school and study hard. I’m so pity that I could not provide what they need.”

“The video was posted by Rhuby Capunes, the wife of the farm owner who’s currently been helping the blind man.”

We beg you guys to share this story for at least we could give help for this blind man and for his family.

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