KALANGGAMAN ISLAND, Polompon Leyte Philippines


Kalanggaman Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. The water so clear and blue, the sands so white like powder.

KALANGGAMAN ISLAND, Polompon Leyte Philippines
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If you’re looking for an off-beat beach destination in the Visayan island group, Kalanggaman Island should be on your list. It boasts a long white shoreline, clear and blue waters perfect for swimming and picturesque sandbars extending on both ends. Unlike other beach destinations in the country, Kalanggaman Island is not always crowded; a virgin island perfect to enjoy with your friends and family.


This isle is in Palompon, Leyte, Philippines. It looks like a smaller version of Boracay Island. What is unique about it is its magnificent sandbars, both stretching at the end of the island. Unlike other beach resorts, this island is not always crowded. When you get here, you’ll feel like you’re a castaway in a beautiful way because the island will be your home for the day and you can do everything you want including – swimming in its crystal blue beach, snorkeling to see its majestic underwater gems, kayaking and many more.

KALANGGAMAN ISLAND, Polompon Leyte Philippines
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  1. Take a flight to Cebu-Mactan International Airport. Major airlines like Cebu Pacific, Air Asia & Philippine Airlines have daily trips to Cebu. Travel time: 50 minutes.
  2. From Mactan Airport, ride a taxi to the North Bus Terminal roughly 9 kilometers away. Travel time: 20 minutes.
  3. Ride a bus to Maya Port. We recommend taking Ceres Liner. Travel time: 4 hours.
  4. From Maya port take a passenger boat to Malapascua Island. Travel time: 30 – 40 minutes.
  5. Ride a boat to Kalanggman Island. Travel time: 1.5 – 2 hours.
KALANGGAMAN ISLAND, Polompon Leyte Philippines
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“Cebu Pacific has daily flights to Cebu so getting a schedule wouldn’t be a problem. Get an early morning flight to Cebu so you could take the first bus to Maya Port. We took an ordinary Ceres Bus from North Bus Terminal in Mandaue which departed at 3:30AM. The first aircon bus leaves at 5AM. We arrived at Maya port at around 7:30AM. Boats here wait for enough passengers before they depart; we left for Malapascua at 8:40AM.

From Malapascua Island, there are a lot of tour guides who will offer trips to Kalanggaman Island. The standard rate is P800 inclusive of the boat ride and lunch. Rates will vary. Just ask different tour guides (there are a lot in Bounty Beach) what their rates are and choose the best deal for you. Some may charge up to P1000. If you’re only two, do not worry, just ask the guides to find other people who will join you. A trip to Kalanggman Island is a perfect side-trip if you’re visiting Malapascua Island.”


There are no hotels or inns available in Kalanggaman Island. Overnight camping is allowed. Just bring your own tents. Also make sure that the weather is good if you’re planning to camp overnight. There are cottages available for day-trippers. If you’re planning a day-trip, there are numerous hotels and some budget inns in Malapascua Island.

The highlight of Kalanggaman Island is its sandbar stretching far out into the sea. The sandbar usually comes out in the afternoon when the tide’s low. Current is strong in this part of the island so be extra careful. The beach is pebbly and white, and the water is very clear and ideal for swimming. You can take your lunch at one of the cottages on the island which you can use for free. There are also tables and chairs available to use. There’s also a grilling area if you want to cook your own food. Take note that there are no stores in Kalanggaman Island so if you’re planning to stay overnight, make sure you have food.


  • Upon arriving in Malapascua, make sure to schedule your trip to Kalanggaman immediately. There are instances that trips to Kalanggaman get cancelled because of lack of passengers. Some tourists tend to back out at the last minute, forcing boatmen to cancel their trips. If you really want to go, you can hire a private pump-boat to Kalanggaman Island for P4000, just ask your guides for their best offer.
  • There are grillers available on the island in case you want to cook your own food.
  • Cellphone signal is inconsistent.
  • There are restrooms as well but don’t expect much.
  • There is no electricity in the island so bring your powerbanks especially if you’re planning to stay overnight.
  • Follow the leave no trace principle. When we visited, we saw some plastic wrappers and bags on the shore. Be responsible travelers and clean up afterwards.
  • The best time to visit the island is during the summer months of March to April. You can visit the island during monsoon season but make sure the weather is good during your visit.

Source: thelostkids.ph & philpad.com

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