We have been hearing horror stories on drivers allegedly touching private parts of female passenger, others fondling their self while driving and worst are been sued for rape cases. These scenarios have been viral in all forms of media these past few days.

Yet, there’s one photo viral online that proves jeepney drivers should not be generally treated the same way. The image below shows a driver in Manila who proudly posted his children’s graduation photo on his coin holder to serve as an inspiration for him and to his passengers.

According to Rachfeed,this photo was shared in social media by Justin Giovanni IlaganLinatoc and was taken around three years ago.

“Photos like this never get old”

A proud jeepney driver and a father
Photo Credit: Giovani

The posts have earned several positive comments. People are praising the driver for all the hard work and sacrifice. There are some who believe that the old man should retire but apparently the driver enjoys his job and wants to continue helping his family.

This story serves as an inspiration not just for the drivers but all the fathers too. The sacrifices made for their children are all worth it. Lastly, to us who have lost our respect and trust generally to all the drivers in the street, there are few more whose good deeds were not featured every day.

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