Casapsapan Beach in Casiguran Aurora

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Location: Casapsapan Beach in Casiguran Aurora, Philippines

A long stretch of fine whitish sand, not as fine as Boracay, but nevertheless fine enough to find its way up my cracks ??. There is a big table coral right by the beach which is exposed during low tide. I wasn’t able to do any snorkelling yet as I was pretty busy capturing the view.

There is a little bit of current, so swim with care and do not venture out further than you physical abilities. Even if you are a good swimmer, chances are you will drown if you get caught in a strong current. No need to worry though, the shoreline is soooooooo long even longer than Boracay, there is plenty space to enjoy the sea.

Its a 9 hour drive from Manila, 4 hour drive from Baler. Most of the roads to Casiguran are already cement or asphalt. We encountered a few kilometers of nerve racking curving incline and decline roads with big rocks, drive very very carefully. There is one part which is wide enough for a car, and when you look over to your side its a big deep ravine!

There are buses going to Casiguran, Aurora (please google Genesis bus). Otherwise, I believe there are buses from Baler as well.

Upon reaching Casiguran town proper, you can buy fresh fish (Blue marlin for as low as 90php) and food supplies from the market. Buy ice here as well as it gets hot at the beach.

From Casiguran town proper, its another 10km to get to the beach, the road is currently being developed already and there are only spots of rough road. A tricycle can be hired for 150php per way.

Upon reaching Casapsapan Beach, we proceeded to the open area to the right, Kuya Haton has this nice hall thingy. That time when we visited, there was a group who hired all the rooms and were lucky enough to benefit from the continuous generator power. Otherwise, I think they cut off the power at night.

They have bathrooms with fresh water when the power is on. If not, theres a free flowing water station right by the entrance. I thoroughly enjoyed my bath there and bared my butt since there was no one else around! ??

Kuya Haton gave us a piece of yero for our uling, and a grill screen. But thats about it. So bring your cooksets and plenty of drinking water.

Entrance fee is 20 supposedly, and pitching a tent is 100 per person. Fan rooms can be rented for 1000, but please don’t expect 5 star accommodation here, only a billion star accommodation ??

There are plenty sako for your trash placed all over the resort, so please do not litter, just put them in the right place.

This place is best enjoyed overnight or at least 2 nights. We saw Bulawan falls on our way, but since we were doing a “daytour” we skipped that part.

Here’s our “daytour” itinerary.

Day 1
2am depart manila
11am arrive casapsapan beach – 100/person
8pm depart casapsapan beach (driving at night is not for the faint hearted)
2am arrive in baler (since it was night we had to drive more cautiously)

Day 2
Check in at kuya balat’s homestay (1 fan room with 2 beds good for 4) – 600
8am rise and shine – breakfast and almost went surfing
10am to manila
4pm arrive in manila

Breakdown expenses (honda city)

Gas – 3000Php
Toll – 1000Php
Casapsapan beach – 100Php/pax
Kuya balat’s homestay in baler – 600Php for 4
Food – 150Php/pax ok na

Casapsapan – Kuya Haton – call if walang reply, walang signal sa casapsapan
(0908) 477 8707
(0917) 241 0770

Baler homestay – Kuya Balat
(0948) 497 8955
0909 966 6916

Keep the place clean!

Credits to: Michelle Enriquez