Iphone Made in China? Not Anymore. Philippines Welcome Apple Inc – Beijing Apple products will be soon made in the RP, as China is expected to transfer about 8,000 job in the philippines in the first quarter of year. Apple said Foxconn Technology, the company’s manufacturer is Pressured to transfer one of its manufacturing plants to South East Asian Country.

Apple Company mentioned Filipinos as very hardworking People like other ofw in the united states or in hongkong.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said their company included foxconn have chosen the Republic of the philippines to be new manufacturer of some vital components of their Iphones Ipads and other Products for various reasons.

“We received tons of positive feedback about Filipinos working in factories in the Philippines and abroad. We are very confident that they can produce high quality products of Apple.” Cook quoted

Apple’s director for manufacturing Jorge McDough said the new Apple building will be at Batangas. The Construction of the building is set to start in April 2015 and expected to finish in november of the same year. The hiring of the workers will be announce after the said construction.

Foxconn has 13 factories in Peoples Republic of China, with the largest factory in Longhua, Shenzhen. It also has manufacturing plants in Brazil and other asian countries like Japan.

In 2009 Apple’s Foxconn company has been in the middle of controversies, including alleged unsafe working conditions. Foxconn said that Filipino workers will be treated well and they also said government of the philippines has a good reputation in terms of protecting the rights of laborers.

Source: newsgru.com