Avel Bacudio with Jeyrick Sigmaton a.k.a. The Carrot Man after the pictorial in which Jeyrick, according to Avel, ‘acted like a professional model’

It has been a short but fruitful journey for the Carrot Man (real name: Jeyrick Sigmaton) from the Mountain Province with a sack-ful of carrots on his shoulder to the huge Boardwalk billboards that will add color to the Metropolis soon, wearing the creations of Avel Bacudio collectively known as The Carrot Man Project.


Photo Credits: Avel Bacudio


Photo : Jerick Sanchez Make up : Leo Adonis Posadas Hair : Rowena Flores Sonido Clothes : AVEL4BOARDWALK AVELDESIGNS.COM

Photo Credits: Avel Bacudio

Photo Credits: Avel Bacudio
The CarrotMan Project
avelbacudio: The carrotman project NOW!!! photo: @jericksanchez video: @jrkykn Hair & make up: @leoposadas clothes: @aveldesigns @boardwalkph stylist-creative: Avel Bacudio

Credits to: BoardWalk, Avel Bacudio