Watch: Donaire VS Bedak Full Fight Video Replay


Nonito Donaire def. Zsolt Bedak by TKO (2:44 of round 3)



Round 1: Bedak has the (lack of) size that Donaire usually feasts on, but he’s also not an aggressor, and Donaire doesn’t lead action well. It’s just not his game. Fairly slow first round, lots of posturing and feinting, not much action. Donaire landed a nice hook to the body. Bedak’s best shot was a right hand to the head. Donaire 10-9

Round 2: Bedak hurt on a hook and then he’s down. Half of the round left Bedak is on bad legs and his nose is bloodied. Donaire looking for one big shot, but not going wild. Another hook flies in, just misses. Some uppercuts get partially blocked. Bedak opening up, which is a questionable decision, but what else is he gonna do? Cuffing right from Donaire, left hook again whizzes past Bedak’s head, but then another hook drops Bedak again. This is the mismatch expected. Donaire 10-7, 20-16

Round 3: Donaire poking his jab out to start the round. Bedak throwing long rights that leave him wide open, but Donaire not biting just yet. Uppercut rocks Bedak’s head back, then another one comes in, not quite clean. Donaire now headhunting and looking for the big finish. Right hand and Bedak is ruled down again. Mora talks to him and decides to call it off. Fine. Donaire TKO-3