How to make Mango Graham Ice Candy

Photo Credits: Sheryl Loque Damian-Javier; ctto

Yield: 300 pcs (approximately)


  • 5 -6 large Mangoes (2 kilos)
  • 1 kilo sugar
  • 2 packs Nestle All purpose cream
  • 2 cans Condensed Milk
  • 8 liters mineral water
  • 1-2 packs MY Sans Graham Powder
  • 300 pcs Ice candy plastic wrappers


  1. Scrape mango meat and use a blender but don’t blend it too well to retain bits and pieces.
  2. In a large wide mouth container* or large soup pot, combine all ingredients except for graham’s powder. Mix well.
  3. Using funnel or embudo, place 2 teaspoon of graham’s powder in each ice candy wrapper and pour your liquid mixture. Tie and seal it individually.
  4. Place it in freezer overnight to chill. Ready to serve. Enjoy! (*you can also use a clean pale or “small balde”),

Credits to: Mama’s Guide Recipes