Binubudan ng mga Ilokano

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Have you ever heard of Binubudan?
Ito ang kanin na nakalalasing. An Ilokano-Made Fermented Rice.


  • Sweet sticky rice (for stronger wine taste) or red rice (for sweeter binubudan)
  • Budbod, usually imported from the Philippines
    PATIENCE! – Fermentation can take 3-9 days.


  • 3 days: it starts smelling like alcohol.
  • 5 days: You can already taste the alcohol, but the rice remains sweet.
  • 9 days: results to a very intoxicating binubudan and bittersweet taste.
  • 10 days or more: Expect some kind of hard liquor. Rice will disappear.


  1. Steam cook the rice. (Like you always do) Let it cool.
  2. In a clean (must be very sterile) container, terracotta or steel, sprinkle the powdered budbod evenly on cooked rice. For one cup of rice, use half of the budbod cake.
  3. Cover the container with a clean cotton cloth. This allows the fermentation agents to breathe and do their work well.
  4. Keep and place in a cool dry place away from sunlight and movement. Do not disturb until it is ready.
  5. Once the binubudan is ready it will smell sweet and with soup that tastes a lot like alcohol. No need to add anything. Best to serve it cold though so put it in the fridge to cool before enjoying.

Like any alcoholic beverage and food, it can be intoxicating so eat moderately.

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