The Philippines Will Have the Biggest Solar Power Plant in SE Asia

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Electricity may be expensive in the Philippines, but that may soon change as the biggest solar power plant in Southeast Asia and the seventh largest in the world is set to launch on February 19, 2016.

The power plant runs on 132-megawatts and is in a 176-hectare land in Hacienda Paz, Barangay Tinampaan, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental.

Construction started in July 2015, and took only eight months to finish. After it is inaugurated, it will be connected to the Visayas grid so consumers can use it instantly. It will sell power for P8.69 per kwh. In December 2015, Meralco charged P8.605 per kwh.

Compared to electric power, solar power is beneficial because it is sustainable, renewable, and has little maintenance. They also produce zero noise and zero emissions.

Besides solar power’s benefits, the construction of this power plant created 2,500 jobs for locals, and expects to create 250 more. There will be additions as investors have expressed interest in building businesses there.

The power plant was developed by Soleq Holdings, a Singapore-based company. It is also Asia’s largest independent energy and infrastructure private equity and fund manager. The power plant cost P10 billion to build.

According to Cadiz mayor Patrick Escalante, “This is very advantageous to the province (Negros Occidental) because we will have another renewable power source within.”

The creation of this power plant is in line with President Benigno S. Aquino’s 2011 National Renewable Energy Program, which aims to increase the country’s renewable energy-based capacity by 2030.

Credits to:; Koji Arsua