Homemade Salted Eggs (Itlog na Maalat)

Photo Credits: comeonilene.com

You’ll never have to crave for salted eggs ever again. This recipe is described by Filipinos around the world as home away from home recipe.

You can use duck eggs as they use it traditionally but any chicken eggs is okay to use. Salted eggs or in filipino we call it “itlog na pula” is made by soaking the eggs in a brine solution for about three weeks or more. Keep them in a dark and dry place, like in the cupboard. Tropical countries like Philippines normally cure salted eggs after three weeks. If you’re in a country with cooler weather, you might want to extend it longer.


  • 8 fresh duck (or chicken eggs)
  • 4 cups water
  • 1-1/2 cups salt


  1. Place the eggs in a wide-mouthed jar (or glass) container with a lid.
  2. In a saucepan, fill in with the water and bring to boil. Add the salt gradually and stir until the salt is completely dissolves. Remove from heat and set aside to cool.
  3. Pour the cooled salted water over the eggs, making sure the eggs should be completely submerged with the water.
  4. Cover and store the container in a dark place for at least 3 weeks. (To test the saltiness of the egg, take out one egg from the container after 3 weeks. Boil the egg over high heat for 30 minutes (salted eggs takes more time to cook than regular eggs). Let cool for a few minutes and peel the shell and taste.
  5. If you like the saltiness of the egg, you may now take out the other eggs from the container and boil them. Let them cool and store in the refrigerator. But, if you want the eggs to be more salty to taste, you can leave the salted eggs in the container for another 2 weeks.

Credits to: filipinorecipesite.com