asd8 Things to Do This Rainy Season – But wait, I realized that there is so much fun outside during rainy days. Don’t you think?

If you have been watching and checking the news about the weather forecast don’t be dismayed and frustrated if you hear the full month of rain showers and thunderstorms prediction. Rainy months in the Philippines may not be that nasty.

Most of the Filipinos are aware that during rainy season, the rains are generally pouring in the afternoon and in the evening. You can still get some good sight-seeing or beach bumming in the morning. So go right ahead and plan your outdoor activities for early in the day while the sun is hot.

Museum tour Villa escudero
1. Visit Museums

Don’t you think it is the right time visit some of the country’s museums and other indoor attractions? Most places in the Philippines have provincial museums and historical sites to visit.I bet you will enjoy the tour with the whole family whether the sun is shining or not. Visit the National Museum, Children’s museum, Manila Ocean Park and other Theme Parks. Today,  museums are brilliant places to go with the whole family.


2. Surfing

For those adventure seekers, the rainy season is just the beginning of an extreme adventure opportunities. Surfing in the beaches of Baler, Launion, Siargao, Bagasbas in Camarines Norte and Puraran Beach in Baras, Catanduanes. Kudos to those watersport advocates who strongly believe that the bigger and larger is better.


3. Wakeboarding

This water sport is developed from a combination of snowboarding, surfing and water skiing. Thanks to Camarines Sur Watersports Complex or known as CWC. This particular sport has been attracting tourists for years now.

4. White water rafting

This particular activity and/or sport has become popularly growing and evolved into a major tourism spot in Cagayan De Oro. Locals in the province used inflated tire tubes and rafts made of bamboo to enjoy this water sport activity.


5. Beach Bumming

Enjoying the beach is also more fun in the Philippines. I swear, I love the beach and I really don’t mind when it rains. During the rainy season, it could rain continuously for several days. Last year, I had a trip with my travel buddies in Bantayan and Malapascua and it was raining. Celebrate life and get wet at the beach. Get your swim wear and buckets ready because it is going to be a lot of fun. It’s now the right time to use your waterproof cameras to capture the stormy weather. This gives you and your family an opportunity to shoot amazing images of nature. Water droplets, cloud formations and eventually a colorful rainbows.

6. Water Park at home

Set up and fill the inflatable pool to create a wet and wild theme park. Join the kids in the pool by initiating a water war. Enjoy the water balloons and play with the water guns. Allow those youngsters to have fun under the rain for a while then finish off in the shower then create another activity with some cookies and milk and watch your favorite movie. I am sure you will look back into that day with laughter and good memories.

7. Camping

Others are so extreme to hike and camp during rainy season. But you can still pitch a tent in your backyard with your friends or family. Enjoy the rhythm of the raindrops hitting your tent and talk about some ghost stories and use your flashlight to create images on the walls or perhaps play a board game like Monopoly and crosswords. Or just listen to the sound of Music.

8. Go to the SPA

Pamper yourself with a spa treatment. It is an ultimate way to spend time no matter what the weather is.

Manila Ocean Park

Some of the water activities mentioned are challenging which requires a high level of skill and a lot more dangerous for beginners. These water sports have dangerous reputation but despite its intimidating reputation there are several factors we have to consider. We can always produce a safe and remarkable trip by having a professional guide, remaining calm in a dangerous situation and paying attention to safety.

Rainy season is the most romantic season. It’s now the right time to make your loved one feel very special. Make this season very meaningful for everyone. There are a lot of tourist destinations in the Philippines that are perfect for finding solitude and sightseeing. Don’t just limit yourself to seeing the beauty of the country during summer. Get your adrenaline rush because the Philippines has over 7000 islands and are teeming with natural resources and so much activities to rediscover. Engage into a meaningful activity during rainy season. Finding ourselves under the rain is  a perfect  moment to think about life, enjoy the rain or have a chitchat with a stranger. And more often your trip comes with a bargain ( You’ll see a rainbow after the rain). Now that is a groovy kind of thing. But engaging in a water activities anywhere close to a thunderstorm is a different story. Thunderstorms are seriously dangerous.

Rainy months can really be worst and unpredictable so you really have to roll with the punches, use your common sense and make the most of rainy and wet season. I sincerely hope rainy season would not hinder you from exploring the world.You will never know if the rain showers come out in the morning, afternoon or evening. Check the local weather forecast for your safety. There are folks hanging around everywhere during rainy season so no worries on meeting like-minded explorers.

How about you? Is there anything you want to add aside from these activities during rainy day? Rainy season is amazing. Just put on some rocking numbers and start grooving.