Ever heard of the enchanted river of Surigao del Sur? Then, you will be amazed with another mysterious place located in the lost paradise of Palanan. Dubbed as the Blue Lagoon, the mystical site has a crystal-clear water basin surrounded by forest trees.

Like the enchanted river of Surigao, the mystery of the lake-like lagoon started from the underground spring; divers attempted to measure its depth but they failed. The obscure nature of Blue Lagoon will entice tourists to visit it, and the trees around it make it more majestic and alluring.

The lagoon is also rich in vegetation that carps like very much. It is a mystery where the fishes came from because the lagoon is located in a forest where kaingin farming dominates. Locals from the area believed that the lagoon is connected to a larger body of water because sea creatures are often seen in the area.

Conservationists and scientists consider the place as a hub for their studies because the place is one of its kind and perfect for scientific studies. The locals of Palanan, on the other hand, concede the place as a hidden gem where tourist are lure to the wonders of the mysterious lagoon.

Upon touring Palanan, you will not only see the magnificent Blue Lagoon. You can also visit some tourist destinations like Kanasamuan Cave, Diminalno Lake, and Culasi Beach. Palanan is certainly a wonderful paradise with historical significance, for it was the place where Emilio Aguinaldo was captured by the American occupation forces. It was also where Aguinaldo also fell in love and met his true love, Isabel Lopez.

Palanan surely offers the best places that will be loved by visitors and it’s a paradise best for relaxation. A tour to the Blue Lagoon will make you wonder how nature truly works.

You will never expect that there is a majestic crystal lagoon inside a lowland surrounded by dipterocarp forest trees.

The crystal lagoon of Palanan, like the enchanted river of Surigao, is filled with mystery that gives more attraction to the place.

How to get there

Visitors and tourists coming from Manila can reach Palanan, Isabela by taking an 8 hour bus ride going to Santiago City. From Santiago City, one can take a ride going to Cauayan City where visitors can travel through plane going to Palanan, Isabela.

Upon reaching the town proper of Palanan, visitors should take a motorcycle ride going to Brgy. Villa Robles and from there, they can take a 15 minute trail going to the Blue Lagoon.

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Source: vigattintourism.com

Photo Credits: E Bulan