Jomalig, Quezon. Last April 29, my friends and I went on a 3 days-2 nights DIY trip to Jomalig, Quezon, Philippines. There were 10 of us in the trip so the expenses were well-divided amongst us. Below is a summary of our expenses:

Taxi from Mckinley Hill to Raymond Transport Bus Terminal P190
Bus fare to Real, Quezon P198
Trike from Ungos Port to Wet Market P50 per ride up to 5 pax = P10/pax
Breakfast P70
Food for 3 days/2 nights P350/pax
Boat to Jomalig P350 (inclusive of lunch)
Environmental Fee P170
Tejada’s Place P2,500 per night x 2 nights = P500/pax
Island Hopping P2,000 for one boat = P200/pax
Motorcycle to shore P40 per ride up to 2 pax = P20/pax
Boat to Real, Quezon P350 (inclusive of lunch)
Van to Manila P2,500 rent (good for 10) = P250/pax
TOTAL P2,658

Jomalig was such an amazing place to go to, especially if you really want to escape from the city. But I’m going to make this post simple and as straight to the point as I can. Click here to view our itinerary.

So, without further ado, below are the key points you need to know about our trip:

  1. The travel time to Jomalig is approximately 10 hours, coming from Manila.

            – 3-4 hours bus/van ride from Manila to Real, Quezon

         – 5-6 hours boat ride from Real, Quezon to Jomalig Island (it’s not so bad once you’re actually there already. You can just catch up on some sleep)

2. The boats to and from Jomalig offer lunch.

– The P350 fee that you are going to pay for is already inclusive of lunch.

– Don’t expect too much though from what they will give you as they will only provide a simple meal.

– What they gave us during our trip to Jomalig was adobong sitaw. While the meal they gave us on the way home was adobong bangus.

– Better to bring your own canned viand or packed lunch if you are really picky with food.

3. Our accommodation was at Tejada’s Place.

– Before reaching Tejada’s Place, you need to pass through a row of Agoho trees first.

– Contact Tatay Rudy Tejada and get a reservation before your trip. We got ours a month before so that we no longer have any problems with where we would be staying. It is a good idea to book as early as possible to avoid losing the place to other tourists.

– Contact: Rudy Tejada

– Contact Number: 0939-902-7532

4. There are alternative places to stay in:

– On our way home, we met this kind lady from Sitio Salibungot who told us that they also had huts for rent. Their cost per hut was P500 per night, good for 5 people (cheaper compared to Tejada’s Place and more practical for those travelling in small groups).

> Contact: Lyra Pacheco

> Contact Number: 0930-796-8665

– I have other friends who went to Jomalig a day after we did and they stayed at a different resort. I’m not quite sure what amenities they have but I heard they spent P3000 per person for 3 days-2 nights.

> Where: South Pacific Island Resort (SPIR)

> Contact: Ate Thelma

> Contact Number: 0907-828-5161

5. Renting Tejada’s Place gives you access to their kitchen supply and tools.

– We still suggest you bring your own food to cook since their supply is limited, but with regard to pots and pans, plates and utensils, cups, gas, and stove, there would be no problem.

6. If you rent the big cabin at Tejada’s Place, you would have access to a karaoke machine.

– I’m not quite sure if the karaoke machine is also available to those who rented the smaller huts available in Tejada’s Place but since we rented out the big cabin, we had the karaoke machine all to ourselves during our stay.

7. The electricity in Tejada’s Place is only from 5pm til 1am the next day.

8. The water supply is unreliable.

– In our experience, the water supply usually gets cut in the morning (6am onwards – not sure until what time) and in the evening (8pm-10pm).

– There is a deep well though, where you can get water in case the faucets no longer supply water.

9. There is an option for island hopping where the boatman will take you to Kanaway Beach.

– The Kanaway Beach boasts of its sandbar and rock formations.

– The island is about a 1-1.5 hours away from Tejada’s Place. You travel by fisherman’s boat.

– If you want to see and experience the sandbar, be sure to be there early. Recommended time by Tatay Rudy is at 7am, so you leave Tejada’s Place at 6AM. You can also try coming in the afternoon, if the tides are low.

10. The beach where the “I <3 JOMALIG” sign is at has the best waters, in my opinion.

– This place is just a couple of minutes (~30 mins. by boat, ~15 mins. by motorcycle) away from Tejada’s place. If you opt to stay in Lyra Pacheco’s place, then this is reachable by ~5 mins. walk.

– The water at this side of the beach is high and clear. Perfect for swimming. You don’t have to walk far from the shore just to be fully submerged in water.

11. Finally and most importantly, the island of Jomalig is truly breathtaking!

– We got to experience fine gold sand along with clear blue waters.

– The Jomalig is truly still a virgin beach.

– Tourists can really enjoy star-watching at night.

– Sleeping or resting under the expanse of Agoho trees brings great joy and peace.

Would I come back despite the long travel time? Most definitely! 🙂

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