Nagsasa Cove Itinerary


5:00 ETD Victory Liner, Pasay City’s first bus trip to Iba, Zambales
10:00 ETA San Antonio, Zambales. Get off at the public market after the municipal hall, then take a tricyle to Brgy. Pundaquit
10:10 ETA Brgy. Pundaquit.  Check out boats. Change into shorts and slippers. Put on sunblock.
10:40 ETD Brgy. Pundaquit.
11:00 ETA Capones Island. Take photos of the beach and try to visit the light house.
11:30 ETD Capones Island.
12:20 ETA Nagsasa Cove. Rest. Prepare lunch.
1:00 Lunch. Rest
2:00 Beach bumming galore.
6:00 Wash up and prepare dinner
7:00 Dinner.
8:00 Bonfire. Shoot the breeze. Discuss childhood games and the stuff kids today are missing out on.
11:00 Bedtime.

6:30 Wake up. Stretching. Toilet routines.
7:00 Photo shoot among the rocks.
7:20 Trek up the mountain (the one on the left side when facing the sea).
7:55 ETA peak of the mountain. Photo shoot.
8:15 Return to more stable land.
8:30 Breakfast.
9:30 More beach bumming and photo shoots.
11:00 Wash up. Prepare lunch.
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Pack up. Rest. Put on sun block.
2:30 ETD Nagsasa Cove.
3:30 ETA Brgy. Pundaquit. Fix stuff.
3:50 ETD Brgy. Pundaquit. Take a tricycle to San Antonio.
4:00 ETA San Antonio. Take Victory Liner bus to their terminal in Olongapo.
5:10 ETA Victory Liner Olongapo Bus Terminal. Book a ticket to Pasay. Have dinner nearby or buy fruits or other pasalubong.
6:00 ETD Victory Liner Olongapo Bus Terminal. Sleep or watch a movie.
10:00 ETA Ayala Ave., Makati City

Nagsasa Cove during late afternoon

Nagsasa Cove Budget

P280 / person: Bus fare to San Antonio, Zambales (already includes P5 for insurance)
P30 / person: Tricycle fare to Brgy. Pundaquit
P50: Container of additional Water (for washing utensils, brushing the teeth, etc.)
P150: Overnight at Dare to Dream’s cottage
P100 / person: “Entrance fee”
P1800: Small boat direct to Nagsasa Cove – max of 4 pax on a small boat
P200: Additional fee for island hopping
P150: 1kg of cooked rice
P20: Candle
P5: Matches
P25: 1 serving of Lucky Me Pancit Canton
P100: .5kg of cooked rice
P30 / person: Tricycle fare to San Antonio
P44 / person: Ordinary Victory Liner bus to Olongapo terminal
P223 / person: Bus fare to Pasay terminal (already includes P5 for insurance)

TOTAL:  P1,589 based on a 3-pax sharing (does not include expenses on food brought to Nagsasa)

Standardized Boat Rates

Whole day / Overnight

You want it, they got it.

Nagsasa Cove Travel Tips

1.  Switch your phone into Flight Mode (if applicable) as soon as you arrive at the Nagsasa Cove.  There is no signal there and the Flight Mode would prevent your phone from burning through your battery looking for some signal.

2. Be ready to get soaked during the boat rides.  This means changing into shorts and slippers if you had worn pants and shoes on the cold bus.

3.  Bring mosquito repellant lotion.  Keep those bloodsuckers away.

4.  Wear clothes that will cover your legs if you plan to go trekking up the mountain.  The blades of grass on the trail are very sharp and would cause cuts.

5.  Pay the boatman only upon returning back to Pundaquit.  This is to ensure that they’d pick you up on the appointed schedule.

6.  Save considerable money by pitching your own tent and experience a night lying on the sand.

7.  Save more time and money by bringing lots of food, candles, matches and flashlights with batteries. As is evident on the costing above, stuff at the Nagsasa Cove is expensive.

8.  Remember that a trip to Nagsasa Cove is a camping trip.  Be prepared to be one with nature and use rustic toilet facilities and everything else that camping entails.

9.  Last but not least:  Have fun!

But remember, no one is there to pick up after you.  So, please clean as you go and make sure not to leave anything behind.