The XDiavel by Ducati – Ducati further pushing the envelope in creating a true techno cruiser screaming with attitude in a subdued yet kick as shape and design, Ducati shows ‘em all with the Xdiavel. Sharper lines, sleek tank, a bikini trellis frame, Swept back short cropped like seat, hanging a over mono-swing arm with a 220 rear wheel, and this time true cruiser forward foot rest, brake and shifters finally completing the cruiser form.

Merging state of the art rider assist and safety technolgy such as ABS3, Ducati Traction Control, Engine Brake Settings, Riding Mode select with preset rider assist settings, 50mm forks and fully adjustable suspension, and the rocket like and smile producing 160hp testareta engine gurantees the place of the Xdiavel as the first true Techno Cruiser. The swept back sitting, and forward leg position at first seemed awkaward for someone used to sportsbikes and standards, proved to be surprisingly a comfortable ride while you just feel the character of the bike as you grab on to the bars putting you in that somewhat upright easy riding’ish stance.

Like its younger brother the Diavel Carbon, the Rideby wire tech of the Xdiavel further makes the ride experience totally mind blowing, smooth yet felt power delivery at every twist of the throttle, great shifting action, smoothly delivered by the belt drive plus that huge rear tire just increases the sensation of adrenalin pumping excitement and sheer power of this bike.

Further breaking the norms of traditional cruisers is the Xdiavel maneuverability and agile nature, surpising easy steering and stability both on low and hi speed, literally carving corners at ease even at sharp and fast twisties, as if you were on your sportbike, only this a ton more comfy and more character. And the look and appeal to die for, completely stunning, practically stop and stare mode for those who see this bike, a total whoooaaa and gawker, plain not everyone has bike. Certified Xfactor The Xdiavel is a true game changer, its mascular design enriched with uniqueness, the cutting edge rider assist technology, sets a new standard in the cruiser genre and even creating a class of its own as a true techno cruiser, truly bursting with raw attitude, and just asking to be ridden. In my book, its Xtraordinary Xclusive Xcitement only thru a Ducati Xdiavel.. Xclusively available Ducati Philippines Ducati Manila Ducati Manila South Ducati Katipunan Ducati Davao